About Me

So This Is Me

mccrary_citadelHello. I’m Jason. That’s me over there to the left. I’m the one with the beard. That other little guy is my son, Caden. He rawks.

I’m guessing if you’ve made it this far into my website, you’ve come to learn a little bit more about me. So here goes.

Part I

My Passion

I love to design awesome websites and have a passion for all things information security and internet related.

I hope you’ll take a look at my Education and Experience, Skillset, and Design Portfolio to get a true sense of my design style and a detailed look at my job experience.

But in the meantime…

Part II:

The Formative Years

mccrary_citadelBorn and raised in good ole Hiram, GA, my formative years were filled with baseball games, wrestling, and the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Even at any early age, I recognized that I had a passion for technology and being creative.

I was able to overcome the adversity of suburban life and entered The Citadel in the fall of 1998. I majored in Literature and graduated in just three years. I then went on to get my Master’s in Secondary Education.

After completing my Master’s, I taught high school literature and coached wrestling for six years at various school systems within the west metro Atlanta area. This career path came to a sudden and abrupt end when my teaching position was made redundant at the height of the recession in 2010. In layman’s terms, I got laid off. 🙁

In June 2010, I returned to college at Kennesaw State University and double majored in Information Security & Assurance, and Information Systems. I began studying all things web design and information security. During that time, I founded my own design firm, TechFall Studios.

Along with TechFall Studios, I am employed full time at Shaw Industries as a SR. Web Developer.

Part III

Away From Work

family2I am very fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful wife, Melanie, whom I share two beautiful children with: Caden (11) and Anna Kate (10). Melanie is a kindergarten teacher, and will complete her Master’s in Early Childhood Education this summer.

When I’m not in front of a computer screen, my free time is spent with my family. In particular, I love to travel the country with my son, Caden, as he participates in the nation’s toughest wrestling tournaments.

My family keeps me both happy and humble. I am a very blessed man.

I also enjoy playing fantasy football and cheering on my hometown Falcons. #RiseUp

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