US Under Constant Cyber Attacks

cyber attacksMaybe I’m paranoid. Or maybe it’s the fact that I was an Information Security & Assurance major at Kennesaw State University.

But with our heavy reliance on the internet and networking, people often forget that this a two way street. If we, as internet users, have the ability to go out and obtain information, this also means that people also have the means to get into our private systems.

The article below is reprinted from The Telegraph in the United Kingdom.

An army general in charge of cyber security has warned that the United States is increasingly vulnerable to attacks like those that destroyed data on tens of thousands of computers in Saudi Arabia and South Korea in the past year.

Gen Keith Alexander, who heads the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Cyber Command, told a cybersecurity summit in Washington that US computer networks were already under constant attack and billions of dollars worth of intellectual property were flowing out of the country each year.
“Mark my words, it’s going to get worse. The disruptive and destructive attacks on our country will get worse and … if we don’t do something, the theft of intellectual property will get worse,” Mr Alexander said at the summit.

The general argued forcefully for legislation that would make it easier for the government to work with industry on monitoring private computer networks for signs of intrusion, despite concerns raised by privacy advocates.

Mr Alexander said he was not aware of any cyber assaults against the United States as destructive as the one that damaged computers at Saudi Arabia’s national oil company, Aramco, last year. But he said similar attacks could well be seen “in the not-too-distant future” on key U.S. infrastructure sectors, such as public utilities and financial services.
“We can protect our networks and protect our civil liberties and privacy,” Alexander told the summit.

He said proposed legislation would not allow government agencies to view data that identified individual people, except in specific cases that required special waivers.
Gen Alexander’s comments are just the latest in America’s increasingly vocal war on cyber espionage.

President Barack Obama’s most senior security aide said in March that China’s government must take action to stop the “unprecedented” wave of cyber-attacks against the US.
The UK suffered 44 million cyber attacks in 2011 – the equivalent of 120,000 a day – and such attacks are estimated to cost the country up to £27 billion a year.

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